Oso Rainforest

Amazonas, Ecuador

Forgotten Natures First conservation program. Please click on areas for more info on Oso Rainforest.


3,430 m2

6,000+ species

Engaged october 2020

Heloderma Reserve

Motagua Valley, Guatemala

Heloderma reserve/Motagua valley is home to some of the most special endemic species to Guatemala


58 m2

559+ species

Engaged 2019

The Angonoka Tortoise


The Angonoka Tortoise is the rarest tortoise on the planet, and is cridically endagered in the wild!


0 m2

1+ species

Engaged November 2020

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We love nature.
Every part of nature.
Not only the beautiful places we all adore and the cute animals we all cherish.

We love the forgotten parts too.
The overseen parts.
The ugly and charmless parts.
In short, the parts of nature and wildlife nobody else cares about.

We believe in diversity.

In the fact that every animal, insect, tree, bush or plant,
big, small or microscopic, deserves a chance and
gives meaning to our, and our kid’s, lives.

That is what our life is all about.

Finding forgotten and neglected places and species,
that need a hand to survive.